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Mucki's Restaurant

Mucki's Restaurant

Mucki’s: Paradise Found, German Style

by Lance Brashear

Often, the greatest destinations in Ecuador seem to be hidden,awaiting your discovery. Even if you know what to look for and where to begin your search, the path often seems untraveled, until you finally get there and realize it just simply was not marked.

Even those living a block from Mucki’s, one of the most exquisite restaurants in the greater Quito Metropolitan area, may not be able to tell you where it is. There is no roadside marker. People arrive by word of mouth and find it by trial and error.

This German Restaurant in the Valley of Los Chillos, at the foot of the Ilalo Mountain, 35 minutes from Quito, is virtually hidden, not only from the roadside, but from the parking lot. Two large palm trees provide the axis around which lush greenery has enveloped this residential home converted into a rustic, dining hideaway.

The Ambiance
When you arrive, co-owner Thomas Contag is there to greet you as you enter the restaurant through the Beer Garden, a rustic patio - half green house, half barbeque pit - with wooden tables and benches.

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from: The Miami Herald, february 26, 2010


Frau Mucki

Frau Mucki

Frau Mucki

The influence of the creator Mucki is clearly demonstrated not only in the fantastic gourmet food but in the décor. There are three ambiences - the terrace, overlooking lush plants and trees. The main restaurant with the log fire, and tasteful collection of antiques, photographs and paintings and where you may view the immaculate kitchen and participate at the bar thus enjoy an incredible selection of good wines and spirits.

The third ambient is the beer garden - ideal for lunch - and for sampling the real German Franziskaner or the famous "Bloody Mary's" prepared by the manager Thomas. Both Thomas and Heide have absorbed over the years the working of their mother Mucki, her impeccable good taste, amiability with clients, and the secrets of her excellent cuisine.


Heide y Thomas
Heide and Thomas


There is no printed menu, but Thomas will clearly explain the availibility of the varied gourmet delights ranging from succulent steaks, salmon, lamb with mint sauce, and rabbit cooked in wine , plus a tempting variation of sea foods.

Prior to the main dish there is a choice of liver pate, crab legs, escargots and pickles accompanied by home made rye bread. The deserts are incomparable, from the famous apple strudel to delicious crêpes immersed in fruit and chocolate sauces.

The delicious salads and assorted vegetables are cultivated in the greenhouse adjacent to the restaurant.

A visit to Mucki's will be a memorable experience. Contact us and make your reservation.


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